Benjamin Boutboul


Benjamin Boutboul

Benjamin Boutboul

benjamin boutboul

« Man is a wolf to man which, you will agree, is not very kind for the wolf.»,

Serge Bouchard, Quinze lieux communs, Les armes, éd. Boréal, p. 177
Man is nothing except a thinking being. He has hidden his animal nature in a dark corner of his unconscious. The Black Animal lies at the back of this cave waiting to bounce in order to fulfill the basic instincts of human beings.
Wouldn’t the Black Animal be what we commonly call “madness”? Where is man? Where is the animal? What do we want to hide behind the black mask of animal nature?

The unconscious mask of the Black Animal is a terrifying object which becomes reality impersonated, its real identity, at night, when the world of “formatting” and rationality go to sleep. At that very moment, man loses his reassuring view of reality, he then becomes an animal. He fears, he attacks, he fucks, he beats up, he eats…without thinking, only to satisfy a primal need. He becomes an animal again in the crazy jungle of urban loneliness.

The quest of Black Animal is to question human being’s complexity during their nightly and irrational journeys. The main theme tackled in this web-series is contemporary horror. Nowadays, man has no choice but being alienated by a consumption society which creates for him useless and deceptive needs, desires and fears driving him to a cult of fantasy far from his base and his essence. Black Animal blows society’s conventions up in an exaggerated outlet. This is the initiatory path offered to the viewers of Black Animal.

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