Bai Gongzi


白公子 bai gongzi

白公子 bai gongzi

白公子 bai gongzi


Myself is like my name, valiant and gentle, uncontrolled and conscientious. So I’m a born artist. I have been a experienced businesswoman many years ago, and started my creating when I became a mother, having 3 sons. My creatures have fearless colors and sincere style, literary and storied, so they are attractive.

蕉叶箫音 The sound of plantain and vertical bamboo flute


The first one, you can hear the sound of plantain and vertical bamboo flute; mountains are hidden and rivers are distant; Jiangnan’s autumn is end and grasses are still lovely; moon is floating over the twenty-four bridges and my lover is teaching the bamboo flute.

生如夏花  Life Like Summer Flowers


The second one, just let life be beautiful like summer flowers and death like autumn leaves.


蕉叶箫音  The sound of plantain and vertical bamboo flute


生如夏花 Life Like Summer Flowers



  • 你为什么做艺术?


  • 你觉得怎样才是一个成功艺术家?


  • 你对现在的“当代艺术圈”有话要说吗



  • 是什么让你决定参加venize双年展2017特别项目?


  • 请根据个人经验推测一下,怎样才能被威尼斯双年展艺术大展选中(官方单元而非平行展)?


  • Why do you do art?

I love art from the deep of my heart.

  • How to become a successful artist?

I think a successful artist is independent, special, selfish and real, and he can express his thoughts directly.

  • Do you have some words to say to the Art circle?

Art should be a beam of light which can lighten the road of people development. Art should be a hand which can open our skulls and tell us we are omnipotence. Art is not only the skills of painting or sculpture. Art should be a thinking way, a wise view. We have done everything to create, to study ancient people, but the altitude of art still stay in the 19or 20century. We should introspect. The science and technology are progress while art is retrogress, we should be ashamed. Industrial 4.0 stage, how art of digital revolution age will be? We should think instead of just create.

  • What made you decide to attend this special programme of Venize Biennale 2017?

The world is plane and art is international, I hope I can go to the world.

  • How to be selected by the official program of Venice Biennale (La Biennale di Venezia)?

Creature that is on behalf of contemporary eastern style.