Dong Qing


董勍 Dong Qing

董勍 Dong Qing

董勍 Dong Qing




Born in Wuhan, China, graduated from Hubei Institute of Fine Arts (HIFA), and the China Central Academy of Fine Arts.

Qing is a contemporary artist, oil painters, member of the Chinese Artists Association, researcher of the China Guoxue Seminar, and member of the American Chinese Culture Association (ACCA), director of the Hubei Provincial Aesthetic Education Association. Qing’s works includes painting, multimedia images and other fields. Qing’s Painting was exhibited and displayed in the international art exhibition which held by the British Royal Academy, the 13th Art Basel Miami Beach, the National Art Museum of China, Guangdong Museum of Art, Today Art Museum Beijing, Beijing Songzhuang Art Center, Shanghai Zhuqizhan Art Museum, Taiwan Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Hubei Museum of Art, Wuhan Art Museum and other important exhibitions and art institutions.

The styles of Qing’s oil paintings absorb orientalism and global multi-cultural aesthetic form. Through the long term creation of “new image realism style” has led to a formation of a distinct individual painting language.

Qing’s works have acquired many prizes, and have been displayed at many national and internationally exhibitions and published by various Medias. In addition, both art institutions and collectors in China and abroad have collected Qing’s works.


京剧人物•武旦1 Peking Opera-Wudan 1


京剧人物•武旦2  Peking Opera-Wudan 1

大武生2  Peking Opera-Wusheng 2

大武生2  Peking Opera-Wusheng 2

 大武生1  Peking Opera-Wusheng 1

 大武生1  Peking Opera-Wusheng 1


京剧人物·武旦1  Peking Opera-Wudan 1

180×138cm 油画 2009

oil painting on cancas, 180cm×138cm, 2009 (Wudan refers to female characters skilled in the Peking Opera).

京剧人物·武旦2  Peking Opera-Wudan 2

99×51cm 油画 2009

oil painting on canvas, 99cm×51cm, 2009.

大武生1Peking Opera-Wusheng 1

95×120cm 油画 2016

95cm×120cm, oil painting on canvas, 2016

大武生2   Peking Opera-Wusheng 2

70×100cm 油画2013

70×100cm, oil painting on canvas, 2013.


November 2010, Peking Opera,the quintessence of Chinese culture, was listed in the United Nations' human intangible cultural heritage representative work list ".In 2009, Artist Dong Qing began to create "big Peking Opera" series, demonstrates the unique dynamic style of Peking Opera. This series, continuing his symbol of Oriental culture expression and exploration, he put his perspective on figure, clothing, color, movement on the visual effect of light and shadow, with oil paintings express the rich colors, dazzling and amazing feeling.

作品展览现场, 军械库展区  The exhibiting scene, at Arsenale


  • 你为什么做艺术?


  • 你觉得怎样才是一个成功艺术家?



  • 你对现在的“当代艺术圈”有话要说吗


  • 是什么让你决定参加venize双年展2017特别项目?


  • 请根据个人经验推测一下,怎样才能被威尼斯双年展艺术大展选中(官方单元而非平行展)?


  • Why do you do art?

My thoughts and perceptions of society, culture, philosophy, existence, life and faith, are expressed through art. Art is my life.

  • How to become a successful artist?

For the world: In the history of human art has your name.For your own: with all the life energy focus on art, leave your work for future generations, no regrets is success

  • Do you have some words to say to the Art circle?

I can have something to say about contemporary art, but I have nothing to say about "circle", lol.

  • What made you decide to attend this special programme of Venize Biennale 2017?

Support and join into the group, the group that really wants to do art.

  • How to be selected by the official program of Venice Biennale (La Biennale di Venezia)?

Works, criticism, times, open, future, science and technology, politics, economy, geography, connections, fame. Maybe, lol.