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Florence D'Elle

Florence D'Elle

Florence d'elle

Living and working in Belgium, where she was born in 1971, Florence D’elle is a completely self-taught photographer. She was the winner of a Golden Prize from Kobé Museum in Japan. His works (The Secrets-Re Birth) were exhibited in different countries: France, Belgium, Japan and Mauritius. Four original works of the photographic project Resili O (which resumes more than 80) are presented here.

The personal work of this project Resili O (2016 to 2017) realized by the artist was introduced further to the brutal death of his companion and explores the theme of the Resilience in a original way by means of 4 conductive chapters: living and death nature, portrait, nude and love.

The death nature sends back to the inextricable, the unspeakable and the violence. Then the living nature soaks of its light. The damaged portrait discovers slowly his face by pieces and recover the view and its diverse senses.

The damaged, anesthetized and bruised body resumes life and places.

The soul and the body give as possible way to feel alive, vibrate and finally love. What a better technical choice of the argentic photography and the use of the former alternative techniques of the edition (Lith Photograph) for the most part unique, to illustrate a theme so sensitive, precious, painful and personal as a way of the Resilience ? It is to offer so a support as precious as is this way which the artist wishes to give to the public by confronting him with the questioning sensitively but especially the sincerity.


The intruders could be painting / photographic art or object/installation. These works will be shown permanently if without interference by other people in the space of Venice Biennale.

"The Widow" - Lithprint

"ResiliO" - Lithprint

"Mirror" - Lithprint

Sensa me Sensa vive



  • Why do you do art?

The Art remains the most personal expression whether it is on which one no outside person can exercise a power, according to me. I practise the Art to express my photographer's felt, give tracks onto questionings which are the ones which govern the world (the place of the woman, the sexuality, the death, the impact of resilience  the life choice in particular). The Art remains a way of leaving a track of one on earth, independently of what we can make as well for the others in a general way and those who we love.

I like practising the art which remains mine and which is Emotion, Interrogation, Light, Doubt, Ways, Illusion, Violence, Fantasies to lead, finally to tracks of answer.

  • How to become a successful artist?

We are before any a successful artist in his own boss, in the look of other one and when we succeed in passing on another emotion on gasolines of Life in a world governed by the money, the power and the sex.

  • Do you have some words to say to the Art circle?

The contemporary Art remains very waterproof, sometimes difficult to reach the fellow who will not understand that we expose an old air bed on a wall by calling it "Art". Francesca Woodman, died very young, remains one of the artists whom I admire most (with Sally Mann). She was unfortunately only recognized much later her death, leaving a magnificent but renowned work " oldfashion " during her existence in front of  her adulated contemporaries about whose name I shall keep silent in photography. The circle of the art remains thus cruel. I am not " bling bling " and this series Resili O is a personal, intimist work and I also wanted to show it on small support realized in the hand (Lith, Coal, Collodion) as grandchildren whom one transmit hoping that they can light the way of the other people who have of to learn to reconstruct.

  • What made you decide to attend this special programme of Venize Biennale 2017?

I was lucky to expose in 2010 with Omar Galliani (Angle Art Gallery), one of the biggest Italian artists drawing in the pencil on the cedar wood and which had already displayed to the Biennial of Venice .La Biennial of Venice offer an unusual, atypical shop window for an artist. I would like above all touher and to question to the spectator who will set interest to go to see .. farther than a simple "beautiful image".

  • How to be selected by the official program of Venice Biennale (La Biennale di Venezia)?