Hu Xiuqian


胡修乾   Hu Xiuqian

胡修乾  Hu Xiuqian

胡修乾  Hu Xiuqian



2013-2017 年就读于北京印刷学院


Born in 1995, Wuhan, I am a student of Beijing Institute Of Graphic Communication.

春   Spring

春  Spring

Turn in the Road

Turn in the Road

生命的静止    The Stillness of Life

生命的静止  The Stillness of Life

春  Spring

摄影 Photo


The beginning of spring, in Guilin. In China, the southern springs always come earlier than the northern one. Every time, when I look up the sky, I can see those intertwining branches and leaves that waving with the breezes. All these images seem make patterns of points, lines and planes. It reminds me of the poet of Tang Dynasty Hezhizhang’s poem, and it goes “Do you know by whom these slim leaves are cut out? The wind of early spring is sharp as scissors blade.”

Turn in the Road

丙烯 Acrylic paiting                        


Under the sunset, three diverging roads come into sight. They all lead in different directions. Probably, one will take me to the mountaintop, another seemingly to the cottage. Perhaps the final one is a dead-end. Standing still, I stare, wondering at the potential implications.

生命的静止 The Stillness of Life

摄影 Photo


Seemingly, we live in this environment just like goldfishes in the plastic bag. We have been constrained until the last minute without any chance to run away.


  • 你为什么做艺术?


  • 你觉得怎样才是一个成功艺术家?


  • 你对现在的“当代艺术圈”有话要说吗


  • 是什么让你决定参加venize双年展2017特别项目?


  • 请根据个人经验推测一下,怎样才能被威尼斯双年展艺术大展选中(官方单元而非平行展)?


  • Why do you do art?

I have been studying ink painting since I was a kid. Then I learned Chinese art and western art as well. For now, art is a gigantic lengthy field; only take painting as a part of study is enough to spend a whole life. Moreover, art makes me being enthusiastic, passionate and always think outside the box.

  • How to become a successful artist?

For instance, Picasso, Van Gogh.

  • Do you have some words to say to the Art circle?

No, I don’t have.

  • What made you decide to attend this special programme of Venize Biennale 2017?

By a coincidence, I think this is a chance to exhibit my artworks.

  • How to be selected by the official program of Venice Biennale (La Biennale di Venezia)?

Once I visited Venice Biennale, my experience is artist has to have aesthetics thoughts about one own culture.