Li Xiaoyan


李小燕 Li Xiaoyan

李小燕 Li Xiaoyan

李小燕 Li Xiaoyan



主要作品:“合肥市第三届当代艺术双年展”实验戏剧:黑夜洪流   编剧、导演、演员

          “安徽高校实验艺术学术邀请展”实验戏剧+行为艺术:醒    编剧、导演


Individual artist who currently lives in Hefei, Anhui, contributing her passion in poetry and drama creation.

Previous project includes <Dark Night Deluge> (screenwriter, director and performer) in the 3rd Hefei Contemporary Art Biennale, and <The Awaking> (screenwriter, director) in Anhui Academic Experimental Art Invitation Exhibition.

The Awaking





<The Awaking> is an experimental art and action art production. It is designed by the freelance artist Li Xiaoyan, and presented by 16 non-professional performance students, come from 11 different colleges in Anhui province. <The Awaking> performed in the opening ceremony of Anhui Academic Experimental Art Invitation Exhibition on April 22th, 2017. The artwork lasts 15 minutes (shorten to 2 minutes 46 seconds for video clip), and contains three chapters: <Shadow in the Cave> (rope bound), <Messenger of Freedom> (improvisational painting), <Lights of Reborn> (poem reading). The idea of creating this artwork comes from the 7th vol. of the Republic, where the allegory of the cave comes from. When awaking the primary spiritual status, an intense force from the inside out is necessary. No matter what kind of change will happen in the process of the awaking, it is sure that inevitable difficulties will be encountered. By breaking the safe and comfort dreaming status, people fight for unleashing the constraints, and following the guide of the inner voice. When arriving the realistic world, people can set their souls free, and embrace their real identity through the darkness barriers between the fantastic realm and the real world.


  • 你为什么做艺术?


  • 你觉得怎样才是一个成功艺术家?


  • 你对现在的“当代艺术圈”有话要说吗


  • 是什么让你决定参加venize双年展2017特别项目?


  • 请根据个人经验推测一下,怎样才能被威尼斯双年展艺术大展选中(官方单元而非平行展)?


  • Why do you do art?

Because I am a lonely and unique person.

  • How to become a successful artist?

Having a pure and beautiful spirit.

  • Do you have some words to say to the Art circle?

Let's play together and creating new ideas for the art, not just contributing superfluous words.

  • What made you decide to attend this special programme of Venize Biennale 2017?

I don't want to stand still and do nothing.

  • How to be selected by the official program of Venice Biennale (La Biennale di Venezia)?

I have nothing but passion and loyalty to art.