Stay Tuned!

A glimpse of our exhibition in Venice


During 13 May and 18 May, Venize Biennale 2017 special program “TRANS-BORDERING-ART:Everyone’s 5 min Solo Exhibition” was held in Venice. More than 100 artworks including painting, photographs, videos, sound artworks, performances were shown everywhere in Giardini, Arsenale, at the 57th International Art Exhibition of Venice Biennale (La Biennale di Venezia). 5 Art-Transborderers come from Belgium and China showed all these works in their artistic way. Besides, the Art-Transborderers did their own site-specific artworks as well, several performances, photographs and videos were created at the places.

As we promised, everyone who submitted during our one month's call was selected, and their works were shown to the audience in the art festivals that is one of the highest worldwidely. This is not a normal exhibition, instead, it’s not only a historical event, but also a realized fairy tale!

How could so many “unfamous” artworks enter the “centered circle” so easily? We offer you a path to find your own answer. Please check "Venize Biennale Online Exhibition 2017" on our website: https://www.venizebiennale.org/online-exhibition-2017/

It is an ever-changing exhibition including all the artworks exhibited in Venice, and more and more works related to Venize Biennale 2017. From 13 May, the exhibition are being updated constantly with photos, videos of the exhibiting scenes, and various relevant activities, surprises and accidents...

Stay tuned, have a long journey inside/outside art with us! 

We are very honored to present you a glimpse of the result of our action as below, it's just the beginning of the journey.

Venize Biennale 2017 in Venice

Tan Tan, Sophie Saporosi and Paolo Baratta, President of Venice Biennale

Tan Tan, Qiu Zhijie(curator of Chinese pavillion), Sophie Saporosi, Eric Bribosia

Exhibiting photographs of Florence d'elle, Giardini

Art-transborderer Zhang Yiding’s performance, Arsenale, 16 May

Exhibiting Johnny Naked “The Naked Slave 4 Art”, Arsenale

Art-transborderer TanBo’s performance, Giardini, 16,17 May

Rosa Mund interview TanBo in the front hall of Giardini

Art-transborderer Sophie Saporosi’s performance, Giardini, 18 May

Venize Biennale