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Venize Biennale World Tour 2017- Documenta Stop


The first stop of the world tour of Venize Biennale 2017  had its splendid show time in the site of Documenta 14, in Kassel, Germany. The exhibition and activities were held from 15th to 18th July. On 15th, two representatives and "Art-Trans-borderers" of Venize Biennale, Tan Tan(Project initiator and Programmer in China) and Sophie Saporosi(Programmer in Europe), presented a "Venize Biennale Pavilion"  at  Friedrichsplatz, which is the center of Documenta in the history and today.On 18th, Tan Tan, as one of the "Art-Trans-borderers", performed a piece of performance for a Chinese artist Yorda Wei in front of Fridericianum(the main exhibiting venue of Documenta).


This pavilion is meanwhile a performance/installation in“Art Live Now Tour 2017-Join Us to Kassel ” curated by Cai Qing, who is the academic advisor of the special program of"Venize Biennale 2017". Therefore, this action crosses over four art events, 57th Venice Biennale, Documenta 14, Venize Biennale 2017, Art Live Now Tour 2017. . Moreover, it has built a bridge between Venice and Kassel, between in and out, between art and reality…

In one way or another, Venize Biennale permeated every corner of Documenta. The posters, flyers and stickers were being spread in the exhibitions and shops, offering the invitation to all the artists who want to cross the borders.


In the afternoon of 15th July, Tan Tan and Sophie Saporosi began to install a tent in front of Fridericianum, this tent represents “Venize Biennale Pavilion”. Since "Venize Biennale" is not a "private" but a "public" art event, they invited everyone passed by to help them to build an art pavilion together. Soon, several nice people joined them and installed the tent with them. After, they announced to people that everybody was invited to paint with the spray on two pieces of white cloth, in order to decorate the pavilion. More and more people came to observe the activity, and more and more spectators turned into participants, especially the children. During the whole process, Tan Tan and Sophie gave people the flyers and explained about the project: TRANS-BORDERING-ARTEveryone’s 5 min Solo Exhibition”,  which smuggled more than 100 "outside" artworks into the "private" Venice Biennale and showed them to the world. (Click here to know more)


At 7pm, a special film screening started inside the tent, which is the highlight of "Venize Biennale World Tour 2017- Documenta Stop". The videos that were screened included the trailer of the documentary of Venize Biennale 2017, and several short films of the exhibiting scenes and performances of the participating artists. All these videos revealed how did the Art-Transborderers exhibited those artworks without authorization and fear, and how did all these works and actions merge into the first exhibition in History where everyone gets In! (Click here to know more)


Our journey of border-crossing to be continued…

Venize Biennale