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Vanja Karas

Vanja Karas

vanja karas

Vanja Karas is a Belgrade-born, London based Artist, Curator, Designer and Creative Director. She graduated from the University of Arts in Belgrade, followed by an MA from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts and King’s College London. Vanja began her creative career in theatre directing, and from there moved on to work in a range of other visual arts media including film, video, multimedia, graphic design and print. In recent years her work has been focused mainly on site-specific installations, photography, conceptual art and most recently textile design. She has followed her MA  by studying photography at Central St Martin’s College of Art and Design and International College of Photography, New York.

‘As human beings we seem to be permanently caught up in the storm between continual change and repetitive patterns of both history and human nature. This storm is what we seem to call progress. My artistic practice in the broadest terms explores the nature of transience and impermanence as the core of our existence but also the cyclic conception of time and its broad recurrent patterns. Ultimately my work is attempting to depict the cyclical nature of something that is forever different but ultimately always the same. In my practice I work in space, in print and on screen.’




Awakenings - Wings of Desire - Edition of 9 - Titanium Print, 70cmx70cm 


Exhibition scene


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