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Chongqing Changjiang Contemporary Art Museum, China

Chongqing Changjiang Contemporary Art Museum, China

Venize Biennale World Tour 2016- Chongqing Stop

Curator:Cai Qing, Tan Tan

Artist: Tan Tan, Eric Bribosia

Duration: 11 Jun..2016 - 20 Jun. 2016

Place: Chongqing Changjiang Contemporary Art Museum, Chongqing city, China

"Venize Biennale World Tour" is a series of exhibitions/art works in different cities all around the world, every stop has a special theme linked with "Art Intervention", and every exhibition is a “constructed event” .

"Chongqing Stop" exhibited more than 40 pieces of art works of TanBo, including the photographs and videos they created at 56th Venice Biennale (see detailed introductionhere ), as well as some new works Tan Tan created in Chongqing city. 


Part 1: photographs in the styles of  “hacking high art” and “labeling ready-made”

On every photograph, there is always a hand holding a "label" at the bottom corner, to claim the authorship of the scene, which could be adapted from a fragment of other artists' works, or just a frame of landscapes and objects in daily life. 

Part 2: Videos projections and installations

Two screens played the films of TanBo performances "Art must be relax; Artist must be relax" and “We Have Nothing To Do With Art”; six screens distributed on several walls played the promotion video of "Venize Biennale", which created a strong atmosphere of a huge biennale...  

Part 3: Award Ceremony

On June 12, Tan Tan organized an "award ceremony" of "Chongqing Stop. In addition to hundreds of spectators, many famous people in the art circle attended the ceremony, such as art critic Wang Lin, artist Li Zhanyang, and the director of Chongqing Changjiang Contemporary Art Museum. The space is fulfilled with enthusiastic crowd... 


Special thanks to the crew of the "award ceremony":

Performers: Chen Yinni, Zhou Wenqian, Cai Qing, Tan Yuxi, Bai Han, Hong Bo, Huang Lixin, Ren Qian, Yin Ruilin, Jiao Zhenyu, Cai Wei

Photographers: Wang Zheng, Chen Yifei;  Cameramen: Li Wei, Chen Yongjie