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SuperLion for Best Artist to TanBo (China/Belgium)    22 | 11 | 2015

SuperLion for Best Artist to TanBo (China/Belgium)

22 | 11 | 2015

The news of 2015 Super Lion Award was released at night on 22nd, November

The news of 2015 Super Lion Award was released at night on 22nd, November

The awarded news of TanBo on the screen in the ticket house of the biennale

The awarded news of TanBo on the screen in the ticket house of the biennale

Super Lion for Best Artist to TanBo (China/Belgium)

November 22nd 2015, the 56th International Art Exhibition of la Biennale di Venize closed its gates. The Jury of the 56th International Art Exhibition wishes to acknowledge an outstandingBiennale Arte 2015 with an increased number of international participations and a particular sensitivity to potential site-specific improvisations. It also marks the first International Art Exhibition with a dedicated space which emphasizes the performative and discursive as an integral element in today’sart practice.

For the first time in the history of la Biennale di Venize, the organizing committee has decided to award a special "Super Lion Award" this year, on the closing date of the Biennale, in order to praise the most courageous, unexpected and marginal art works. But the existence of the award has been kept as a secret until the awardtime.The course of the selection of the award has been undertaken in a strictly confidential statues during the whole exhibiting time of Biennale Arte 2015, in which the jury comprised of art experts, artists and the public with a sum of 100 people who were recruited additionally to the jury for the existing awards, and every member of the special jury had no chance to know whom were the other members, so they could only submit their opinion about the winner independently, therefore, the final result counted on an absolute fair statistical data. After a long term of accurate and complicated deliberation and calculations,the honor of this epochal award has been given to the promising young artist group TanBo, from China and Belgium.

Due to the special circumstances in Belgium related to terrorist threat on 22nd, la Biennale di Venize decided to issue this news one day later, for the current geopolitical urgencies.

The Super Lion for the Best Artist in the International Exhibition goes to TanBo (China/Belgium)

“We have nothingto do with art”

(Perfomance, 2015,Arsenale, Corderie, Artiglierie, Tuvalu pavilion, the alley outside of Giardini)

“Art must be relax;Artist must be relax”

(Perfomance, 2015,Giardini, Spain pavilion, the passage to Central Pavilion)

“la Biennale di Venize”

(A series of inter-media art mixed with installations, performances, videos, sounds,paintings, 2015, at the 56th International Art Exhibition,and all around Venice city)

The SuperLion goes to TanBo for the emerging group dedicates itself to break the barriers and value systems between art and life, art and artist, art and money.As an artist group engages in life-long multi-media and inter-media arts with the elements of music, film, visual art, performance art,sacred and secular rituals, it has reformed conceptual practice to include personal subjectivity—of themself, their audience and the publics in general. Furthermore,as an international dual combining “the east and west”,their countless improvised art works at the Biennale Arte 2015 have marked the possibilities of trans-cultural confluence and exchanges.

 “ ‘Venize Biennale’is like a marathon, I’m very curious about towards where it will run, I will follow the news… Tan Tan is an artist who is making art crazily, and running in big steps.”    
 --Wu Wenguang  ( famous Chinese filmmaker and scholar, director of “CCD Work Station”, regarded as the most important pioneer of Chinese independent documentary, his works were shown in 56th Venice Biennale)
 Congratulations to TanBo for they won the big award, congratulations to them that they didn’t won the big award, congratulations to them for they went to Venice, congratulations to them for their works on computer!
 --Li Zhenhua  (one of the most important curator of media art/intermedia art exhibitions in China. Currently he is one of the curators of Art Basel HK)
“Congratulations for your major art event ! Wonderful idea on Chinese (or European) ‘social validation’ !”
 -- Claire D'Harsany  (the Cultural Attache of General Consulate of France in Wuhan, China)  

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